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I'm literally just up to the fit out stage when the Builder made the comment.The house is an 1880's Victorian with a 1910 extension (in which both bathrooms are located). I had a similar problem with a builder who mainly worked in new suburbs.

For those unfamiliar with GFE, allow me to explain.Our current bathroom has 60cm between the toilet and vanity. It's a sacrifice for sure, but somehow we manage. There is only room for one person to be in that room at any given time.The main bathroom has a bath along one side with a shower over and a vanity next to the bath.Reducing the size of the vanity and shower was the best I could do. Our bathroom is as long as a bath and as wide as a bath a door. When I put the bathmat down there is about 10cm between that and the wall, if I use a thick knobbly one I have to remember to do it after I've shut the door otherwise you can't! Super small bathrooms but they work perfectly for what they are.If you are like me and also have a compact bathroom, how much space is there between your toilet and whatever other bathroom fixture is opposite it? But there's not enough room to fit more than one person in there so now we have to poop alone. Now there is no toilet in there it's true, but it is more than enough room for bathing, brushing teeth etc. In the ensuite we have a corner shower and the toilet and vanity sitting either side of that.

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(I checked the measurements for the separate toilet and there are 25cm on each side of the toilet to the wall. my ensuite is 2m x 1.7, and thats got a shower, vanity and loo, and plenty of space for towel rails, a door, and room to spare for dust collecting! Bath and shower in one room, toilet in another and vanity in the "corridor" outside the doorways. You could fit toilet and vanity inside the shower room and make an extra bedroom! Thank you so much to everyone for your replies, especially those of you who went to the trouble of actually measuring distances. After reading the replies, I am much happier about our space.